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Photo by Olivia Locher, NYFW SS15, backstage Marc Jacobs for W Magazine

should’ve left the hair on the face for the runway! udb!

The Best Street Style From Nyfw, Day 7Ola Rudnicka, model. Photo: ashleyjahncke

Tian-yu Xiong: “This photograph was taken in the National Library of China, which resides in the middle of Haidian, also known as the educational district of Beijing. As I was wandering the hallways of the library I noticed the astonishing view and repetitive lines present in the architecture. The massive amount of people reading books and studying quietly with electronic devices by their sides also drew my attention to this stunning moment.”

Jaffer Janjooa by Helgi Omars

Cora Keegan for Stoned Immaculate Vintage.